Space Walk

Houma, LA

What's a party without bounce houses? Here at Supreme Party Rentals LLC in Thiboudaux, LA, we believe that parties without bounce houses just aren't as much fun. That's why we offer a large selection of them for you to choose from. When it comes to party equipment rentals, the bounce house is one of the most popular. There's good reason for this. Children are active, they love to jump and bounce, and when you give them a safe area for this activity, they are kept busy. This keeps them from uttering the words that parents dread.' I'm bored' won't be heard when kids have a bounce house to play in. When children are kept entertained at parties, they get along better, they don't whine, they don't get into disagreements, and they don't beg to go home. As if all this isn't enough, a bounce house also tires kids out. This means that when parents take them home from the party, the kids will be worn out and ready to get to bed. Parents may just get a quiet evening to themselves than to our party equipment rentals.

Bouncers are not our only rentals. Water-slides, optical courses, tents, and concession stands are also available. Let us help you make your party a huge success. Guests will rave about what a wonderful host you are. Check out our entire selection of products by checking out our website at You'll also find an order form on the website. Reserve your items now before they are booked. Many items rent out fast. We look forward to providing what you need for your next event. Turn your party from fun to fabulous with one or more of our rentals. We can help make sure that your parties are the ones that everyone wants to be invited to.